Six Tips to Help you Stick to your Refurbishment Budget

Refurbishing your house can usually result in spending more than you expected. There are a lot of costs and variables which cannot be anticipated before the start of the renovation.

Each house has a space which could be improved. While this can be daunting enough, full-scale house refurbishment in London can be overwhelming. But the good news is that there a number of ways to build on your budget and be happy with the results.

Plan it Out to Keep Costs Down

Planning is essential to stay on track with the renovation costs. Typically, if renovations break the bank, this is caused by a lack of plan. If you want to avoid changing plans mid-project, take time creating a clear and realistic picture of what you want to accomplish with the remodel. Planning carefully allows you to avoid running into unexpected expenses when you undertake renovation.

Choose the Right People

In terms of home remodeling, it is imperative to spend money so you can save money. You might ask why you wouldn’t just choose the contractor who can complete the project at the lowest price. However, you need to understand the importance of quality. Many people will advertise their service to get your business; however, they are unlikely to be the right people for the job. So use word of mouth references and read reviews from related websites to look for a renovation contractor who can complete the job on your terms.

Know the Hidden Costs

Renovations tend to cost more than expected, especially for people who are undertaking it for the first time and have no idea what to expect. It is unlikely for contractors to work out some costs upfront and any changes made as the project goes on can add to the total costs. Take quotes provided by contractors as a general idea and try to budget for more than the amount in the quote.

Bid Out the Contractor

According to many renovation experts, you have to gather a minimum of three bids for your home remodelling project before you pick one. You need patience here. This approach allows you to find the support you need and leverage your bids against one another in order to bring costs down, in case you are already considering a contractor.

Talk with your Architect and Contractor

Perhaps you hire an architect in addition to a contractor. However, they do have different roles to play in your project. Architects wish to sell ideas. They create and you need to pay for their creation. This is the reason you have to consistently talk to your contractor and architect on your budget constraints. This helps your architect with his suggestions and your contactor with his material and supply purchases.

Consider Reputation

When it comes to the home construction business, reputation serves as the gold standard. Because hiring a contractor without reading reviews can result in unsatisfactory results, it can be best to pay more for somebody you know has the ability to deliver. Unluckily, it is common for a residential contactor to start a project without completing it. Hiring somebody whose work you have seen before or who has excellent reviews protects you from getting stuck with a never-ending remodelling project.

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Stewart Naish is Project Director at TC&D Construction. As a highly experienced and skilled property refurbishment professional, he shares his wealth of knowledge and insights into the world of interior design and fit out for both residential and commercial property renovations on Twitter @TCDConstruction

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